ID: 081 League: Season:
League: 1TotalHomeAway
1.crazy russian77-0-0207-133+7414:04-0-03-0-0
3.Bayern Ekol76-0-1189-147+4212:23-0-03-0-1
4.HC Mighty Sausages75-0-2191-145+4610:42-0-23-0-0
6.Van der Forme73-0-4176-153+236:81-0-22-0-2
7.RK Polet73-0-4180-158+226:80-0-33-0-1
8.The Cowboys72-0-5185-182+34:100-0-42-0-1
9.Sporting Gimbox70-0-7122-201-790:140-0-50-0-2

List of top scorersSeason Rewards Match Fixtures

Last round16/06/2021 - 19:20 - Wed
Home teamScoreAway team
Sporting Gimbox15-27Bayern Ekol
RK Polet25-27Van der Forme
The Cowboys26-33crazy russian
HC Mighty Sausages35-0 Wemanzaville
Next round20/06/2021 - 19:20 - Sun
Bayern Ekol-Miki01
crazy russian-HC Mighty Sausages
cardiff-RK Polet
Van der Forme-The Cowboys
Wemanzaville-Sporting Gimbox
DateSenderPress release
15/04-2007Kinnia Old BoysSupporter...

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